Nick Smith, Senior Product Manager @ Redfin

I worked with and for Kayvon for about 4 years in various roles at LiquidPlanner. Kayvon has unique blend of qualitative and quantitative analytical skills paired with a keen eye for design and a never ending thirst for knowledge. His desire to learn and grow is complimented by a sharp intellect; creating a well-rounded perspective that he uses customer and business problems. Kayvon champions positive change to drive teams and business forward while doing right by customers.

Edward Nguyen, Product Designer @ Skilljar

Kayvon is a remarkable leader who I had the pleasure of reporting to at LiquidPlanner. As the Product lead, Kayvon was a unique leader in that he showed a deliberate interest not only in building a great product that users love, but also in developing great people. As a new designer, Kayvon supported me by ensuring I had the opportunities and help I needed to make an impact and advance my career. He also never hesitated to help solve complex design problems, or conduct user research, in addition to his important responsibilities as Product lead. It is this hands-on approach and care, that makes Kayvon a memorable leader and manager to me.

Clare Constantine, Software Engineer @ Code.org

As a software engineer, I enjoyed working with Kayvon. He is an excellent communicator and easy to collaborate with. He is good at identifying user pain points and coming up with data-driven solutions. His emphasis on making decisions based on data led him to consistently create clean, effective solutions. 

Charyn Pfeuffer, Author & Content Strategist

Kayvon helped me take a new business idea I’d been tossing around, clearly define its objectives and help create a plan of attack. He’s goal-oriented, an excellent communicator and insightful in fleshing out what needs to be done to kickstart and execute a concept. His approach made an overwhelming project seem manageable and opened my eyes to its potential. With Kayvon’s deft help, I’m no longer “stuck” and feel inspired to take next steps to turn my idea into a reality.

Garron Hillaire, PhD Candidate @ The Open University

Kayvon is a pleasure to work with. He manages to both advocate for his team and provide quality products by keeping the work focused on the core value of the project. Having worked with him at Applied Discovery and then contracting his services at FNX I have seen Kayvon develop his project management skills over the years and believe he is a great addition to a software development team - particularly if they are interested in adopting or continuing to refine their agile practices.